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Corinne Alice, In Wonderland

Artist, Teacher, Music Maker

Thanks for tuning in.

I'm excited to share a little piece of my world with you! 


Let me introduce myself...

As someone who is deeply passionate about living the life we dare to dream, I firmly believe that connection through the arts are essential in our rapidly changing world. From sparking joy to inspiring empathy and understanding, the power of creative expression cannot be overstated. Music, in particular, holds a special place in my heart, as I grew up immersed in barbershop harmony and late-night lullabies.

My passion for the arts has led me to explore and dabble in various modalities of creation, from mixed media art to studying expressive arts therapy. I have also been collaborating with other artists to expand my horizons.  As a level one Reiki practitioner, and certified yoga teacher since 2008, I firmly believe that mindful movement, combined with creative expression, can have a profound impact on our lives, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

But perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of my creative work is sharing it with others. I love working with others, from children to seniors, bringing music, art, and movement to their days. Whether it's leading musical medtations, hosting art-making sessions, or teaching mindful movement classes, the joy and inspiration that these activities bring to people's lives are truly priceless.

As our world continues to change and evolve, I am convinced that the arts will remain a vital force for good. They allow us to express ourselves, connect with others, and imagine new possibilities. I feel incredibly grateful to have found a home in the arts, and I look forward to sharing that joy with others for many years to come.

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